Indoor Bathroom Falls – Safety Guide For Seniors Help Prevent Falls in The House

Indoor Bathroom Falls – Safety Guide For Seniors Help Prevent Falls in The House

Bathrooms prove to be risky for seniors. The floors are slippery, surfaces are wet, space is compact –making it hard for the elderly to manage. Most indoor falls occur in the bedroom and bathroom. If this happens, there is a good chance that in addition to the impact of hitting the floor, the elderly will hit some part of their body – shoulder, knee, and head – on a fixture or cabinet.

Studies indicate that for people aged above 60 and older, falls account for around 60 percent of all injury-related ER visits and more than 50 percent of injury-related deaths yearly. Approximately 8- percent of the falls occur in the bedroom and bathroom. The incurred injuries can vary from minor bruises and scrapes to broken bones, spinal cord, or head injury. To prevent such falls bathroom safety supplies are the best solutions

The Elderly Are At Risk!

Most falls occur in the bathroom while the seniors are transferring in and out of the shower or while using the toilet. Elderly experiencing mobility or balance issues also fall while they are using shower bars, sink tops, hampers, or other unstable objects to support themselves while using the bathroom. Small bathroom rugs and slippery floors can be a huge hazard and can cause a fall while an elderly is using the bathroom to brush their teeth or wash hands.

Add More Bedroom & Bathroom Safety Features To Your Home

Installing safety features at home is a relatively inexpensive approach to help prevent the elderly from falling off.

  • Maintain adequate lighting
  • Hold the handrail on the stairs
  • Secure or remove obstacles like cords, loose carpets, mats, and clutter
  • Install grab bars in the bathroom; use non-slip bath mats
  • Watch out for pets underfoot
  • Make use of assistive devices as instructed, for instance, walker, cane
  • Keep a personal alarm, ‘buddy system’ or phone within reach
  • Use shower chairs so the elderly can sit while bathing and prevent falls and slips. Ensure the chair has rubber and non-slip tips so it does not slide in the shower.
  • Install raised toilet seats. It helps them apply less effort to sit and stand while using the toilet
  • Place shelves at eye level in the bathroom for toiletries, so the elderly do not have to reach up into the cabinet or bend down to look for air fresher, toilet paper, shampoo, etc.
  • Regular cleaning is a must. Soap scum can leave the surface slippery. Scrub garb bars, showers, mats, and tubs regularly to prevent slippery floors.

Home health care can greatly bring down the risk of indoor and bathroom falls by helping you figure out ways to improvise the safety features of your home, monitoring the elderly while they are moving around, and assisting with personal care. To avoid fall hazards, it is crucial to consider seniors’ safety, check out Medical Supplies on KomfortHealth, to learn more about bath safety products online.

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