Can I Harm Myself By Wearing Compression Socks? – How to Choose The Best One!

Can I Harm Myself By Wearing Compression Socks? – How to Choose The Best One!

Compression socks are generally used to treat swollen calves and tired legs. Wearing these socks supports healthy circulation, eventually boosting energy and lowering the risk of clotting. Compression socks are recommended for people who work standing up, are distance runners, as well as, the elderly.

However, it is crucial to understand that compression socks are not for everyone, and research shows that wearing them incorrectly can be harmful. Ensure to do basic research on how and when to use compression socks, as if not, you are doing more harm than any good.

How Do Compression Socks Help?

The blood in the veins of the legs works against gravity to return to the heart. Hence, the arteries and veins in the legs are more prone to becoming inefficient and weaker. This is where the compression stockings help!

Compression stockings apply pressure on calves and ankles. It cause a gentle yet continuous press on the calves that supports the veins as they pump the blood back to the heart.

Physicians recommend compression socks to people with certain medical conditions. They are also popular over the counter for people who stand all through the day, frequent fliers, and people above 60 years.




Can I Harm Myself By Wearing Compression Socks?

Compression socks are safe to wear when done accurately. It does not mean that they are safe for everyone and in every situation. People with delicate or irritated skin must not use compression stockings. Other than that, it is vital that the stockings fit accurately.

Below are some of the issues that can occur due to unnecessary use of compression socks:

  • Can Bruise and Chafe Your Legs

If you have sensitive skin, it is more likely to scrape or chafe with the use of compression stockings. People with delicate skin may experience bruises, scrapes, and cuts from compression socks. However, if the socks fit properly, this is very less likely to happen.

  • Cut Off Blood Circulation

Compression socks put continuous pressure on the legs that boosts blood circulation. However, if they are not properly fitted, they can have an adverse effect and may prevent proper circulation in the legs.

  • Cause Redness and Itching

Improper use of compression stockings may aggravate the skin to cause redness and itching. Improper compression socks cause redness and temporary dents in the skin which may appear on the legs at the edge of the sock’s fabric causing irritation.

Consult Your Doctor Immediately!

Compression sock manufacturers report them to be safe to wear all day and night. However, your requirements may vary as per your medical condition and the reason you wear these socks for.

It is advised to consult your physician about how to use compression stockings and how long you can safely keep them on. Visit today and get a pair of stockings delivered to your doorstep!

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