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Taking Care of Seniors At Home becomes A lot easier

As we grow old, safety and mobility inevitably become crucial aspects of our life, Home healthcare care particularly is an issue faced by many elderly individuals. The issues with bathroom safety and mobility can comprise of slippery floors, inaccessible tub interiors, and the inability to call for help in case of an emergency.

Bathing Safety Equipment in Hamilton Ontario

Conventional bathing units are notoriously tough for the elderly to enter and exit. The high wall-like structure of the tub lining requires the seniors to lift their legs and move their bodies in a way that makes them prone to accidents and injury. This is why it is recommended to have bathtubs with a walk-in feature in Ontario Canada, allowing the users to enter the bathtub by simply opening the door. It is just as simple as entering the bedroom and sitting down.

Finding A Bathing Unit For Seniors

Another amazing feature of such a design is its convenient layout for cleaning; no bending around backward will be required, as there will be a door to open and enter from. Several bathtubs, regardless of their design, as sold as-is with a slippery floor inside. If it is possible for you, as you are buying a bathing unit for a senior, it is best to look around for etched-floor models or install anti-slip pads as quickly as possible. This is perhaps a bath safety rule for all ages, but crucial for those who are elderly and of fragile character. Ensure to have anti-slip bathroom tiles, as it is likely they will become wet and slippery after an individual has used the bathing unit.

The most important safety aspect to consider when choosing and installing a bathing unit for the elderly is the ability to contact outside people in case of an emergency. Although in the ideal scenario, there should always be an attendant with the elderly, this is not always the case. Therefore, it is recommended that along with a tub, it must be equipped with a non-slip flooring and walk-in door; a walkie-talkie should be installed so that the senior can contact something for help when required. KomfortHealth is offering such products at completive rates in Hamilton Canada.

Do Not Take A Chance!

Home Healthcare aspects are not often thought about or discussed when the seniors are considered, but for something as important as bathing, it is best not to take any chances. Always be certain, and consult a physician before making a decision in Hamilton Ontario.

KomfortHealth Is The Savior!

If you have an elderly or sick person at home who is finding it hard to use a conventional bathroom, KomfortHealth can be the savior here! The service offers genuine Medical Health care Equipment & Supplies in Hamilton Ontario at competitive rates. You can find bath lifts, commodes, raised toilet seats, shower chairs/benches, toilet safety frames, grab bars/tub rails, etc. to ensure bath safety for seniors in your house in Hamilton.

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