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Helps Improve Patient Rehabilitation

Recovering from accidental traumas and injuries is a long process. Often requiring surgery and hospitalization, orthopedic issues take months of care and rehab to restore an individual to their healthy being. Once the patients are recuperating at home, they perhaps require extra homecare medical equipment and supplies in Alberta to further their recovery. They may also be assigned special exercises at home by their occupational or physical therapist.


Sprains, shoulder injuries, and broken arms generally require casts and braces. To reduce pressure on the limbs, an arm sling is used. This hurts less and helps heal faster. Later on in therapy, the patient may be asked to make use of the wrist weights as a part of their rehab. To keep up with soreness, moist heat pads may be used to reduce discomfort.


Legs become a lot more difficult to move as they are more involved in weight-bearing compared to the arms. Varying degrees of ambulating, walking can be achieved using walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, and rolling walkers. As physiotherapy progresses, the medical equipment used for ambulating is likely to change. Patients are required to choose the best orthopedic supplies as per their needs. Some of the vital ones include ankle weights, footstools, hot and cold packs, etc.


KomfortHealth Medical Supplies

KomfortHealth is a reliable name when searching for Medical Health care Equipment & Supplies in Edmonton Alberta. Buying medical supplies online not only ensures genuine products, but also assures 100% privacy. In case of any query, suggestion or request, get in touch with the professional customer support representative and it will be catered to in the shortest possible time.

Wheelchairs and Rollers in Edmonton Alberta – Mobility Aids

When the patients are less mobile, it is best to use wheelchairs. It perhaps be that the legs are not strong enough to provide support or require rest, this is when wheelchairs come into play. Most people do not like being in them, as they require assistance getting around and about. Transferring the patient from a wheelchair to beds, chairs, and sofas gets quite challenging even with assistance from a family member or healthcare professionals.

Medical Healthcare Supplies in Edmonton Alberta

Buy Medical Health care Equipment & Supplies from KomfortHealth in Edmonton Alberta, quality products allow for easier patient management such as transport discs and chairs that are placed on the floor aid patient’s pivot from one direction to another. Moreover, it limits the ability to move around. Without a wheelchair ramp, it becomes nearly impossible. Rather than limiting a patient from leaving their room, a wheelchair ramp can be purchased. This helps patients to get to their healthcare appointments easier in Edmonton Alberta. Also, it makes social engagements a possibility, which boosts morale for sure!

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Customer Reviews

Carry Carter Jun 10, 2023

A special shout out and a huge thank-you to KomfortHealth & their fabulous team for their outstanding customer service again this season. They helped me find the perfect wheelchair for my mother.

Mark Anes Jun 04, 2024

Ordering medical supplies are never easy. With KomfortHealth, I have ordered a wheelchair for my grandpa without any hassle and received my order in 4 days.

Raymond E. Ryder May 21, 2024

Excellent product quality and delivery was super quick

Edward Page May 07, 2024

A very swift and user-friendly website helped me to find my product, easy to order online. The parcel I received was accurate and as described.

Margaret Robinson Apr 18, 2024

I purchased a walker for my grandfather as well as some diapers, the website is easy to navigate and the prices are competitive. I received my products on time and without delays. Overall, it was a great experience.

Ji Li Apr 15, 2023

Highly Recommend Komfort Health! Great customer service, very helpful and they have a wide range of Home healthcare medical supplies on website.

Kathryn Rodriquez Mar 07, 2024

I have ordered online and am very happy with Komfort Health home healthcare medical supplies. Got my purchase before time and customer service was fantastic.

Mark A. Feb 10, 2024

Received my order of traditional lift chairs yesterday from Komfort Health. It was a quick service, with competitive rates and their online process is very swift. Highly recommend them for medical supplies delivery across Canada.

Bryan Jan 24th, 2024

Trust Pilot
Prices are low and customer support is excellent. Ordered compression stockings for females, order delivered in 3 days.

Rebecca RJ Jan 02, 2024

Really quick shipping and the pads are super soft. Overall product quality is excellent.
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