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Help Improve Quality of Life

Patients & Elders find it difficult to move around and spend a lot of time in one place or position often leading to skin breakdowns and sores. While medical healthcare supplies are very useful in this regard. The use of specially designed medical healthcare equipment & supplies is beneficial in alleviating the pain and heal the wounds. Some medical healthcare supplies in Vancouver are useful in treating skin irritation, as well.

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Wheelchairs, Scooters & Rollators in Vancouver

Having an option of a manual wheelchair or electric scooter can oftentimes be easy if you are forced in one direction or the other. Often, it is the financial or physical constraints that will decide for you. Consulting your physician can certainly help you determine your needs when it comes to deciding on a power scooter.

Aids to Daily Living in Vancouver

Taking care of a patient’s daily aids that stays in bed all day amid the sheets presents special challenges. Special moisturizers and creams have been formulated for feet assistance in replenishing and softening the cracked, scaly surface. Regular chafing against even the softest of the materials leaves feet irritated and red. This is dangerous for diabetic patients. Foot ulcers and sores can lead to amputation of feet and toes if not properly taken care of. Therefore, regular use of foot creams is highly recommended.

Antimicrobial Barriers

All those patients who are unable to use the restrooms regularly are more prone to having bladder accidents. Bodily fluids when comes in contact with the skin tend to dry it out and cause skin inflammation. The bacteria increase the risk of skin breakdown, hence leading to infections. Those suffering from incontinence issues may experience similar infections and rashes from irritations without pressure sores. In these scenarios, antimicrobial barriers must be applied regularly. These are supplies that people prefer to buy online and can be easily purchased online via Komfort Health in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. Antimicrobial products are not only beneficial with prevention but help protect and increase moisture in the skin.


Flat bedding surfaces increase of risk of abrasions and ulcers. Several types of pads are now available that help prevents skin pressure malaises. Foam cushions that appear like an old-fashioned egg carton are the most popular ones. These are used for both lounge chairs and bed pads for patients who are moved from their bed to a chair at a different location during the day and then returned to the bed at night. Paddings are also available in eco-friendly materials who those who prefer having green products in Vancouver.

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