ConvaTec Natura Two-Piece Durahesive Skin Barrier

ConvaTec Natura Two-Piece Durahesive Skin Barrier


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The plastic coupling ring allows the pouch and skin barrier to snap together for audible security. Durahesive skin barriers are designed for people whose stoma output is mostly liquid. Unlike other skin barriers that can breakdown around liquid output, Durahesive skin barriers swell up or “Turtleneck” to further protect the stoma and peristomal skin.

Please note: This product does not contain latex.

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions30 × 25 × 20 cm


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413159, 413160, 413161, 413162, 413163, 413164, 413165, 413166, 413167, 413168, 401905, 413153, 413154, 413155, 413156, 413157


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Item NumberDescriptionColourSizeQuantity
413159Cut-to-fit, Durahesive®, with flexible tape collarWhite32mm (1¼”) flange10 per box
413160Cut-to-fit, Durahesive®, with flexible tape collarWhite38mm (1½”) flange10 per box
413161Cut-to-fit, Durahesive®, with flexible tape collarWhite45mm (1¾”) flange10 per box
413162Cut-to-fit, Durahesive®, with flexible tape collarWhite57mm (2¼”) flange10 per box
413163Cut-to-fit, Durahesive®, with flexible tape collarWhite70mm (2¾”) flange10 per box
413164Cut-to-fit, Durahesive®, with flexible tape collarTan32mm (1¼”) flange10 per box
413165Cut-to-fit, Durahesive®, with flexible tape collarTan38mm (1½”) flange10 per box
413166Cut-to-fit, Durahesive®, with flexible tape collarTan45mm (1¾”) flange10 per box
413167Cut-to-fit, Durahesive®, with flexible tape collarTan57mm (2¼”) flange10 per box
413168Cut-to-fit, Durahesive®, with flexible tape collarTan70mm (2¾”) flange10 per box
401905Cut-to-fit, Durahesive®, no tape collar100mm (4″) flange5 per box
413153Cut-to-fit, Durahesive®, no tape collar32mm (1¼”)10 per box
413154Cut-to-fit, Durahesive®, no tape collar38mm (1½”) flange10 per box
413155Cut-to-fit, Durahesive®, no tape collar45mm (1¾”) flange10 per box
413156Cut-to-fit, Durahesive®, no tape collar57mm (2¼”) flange10 per box
413157Cut-to-fit, Durahesive®, no tape collar70mm (2¾”) flange10 per box
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