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After you have had a long and hectic day, massage can help you unwind and relax. It is not necessary that you book an appointment with a therapist to enjoy massage therapy. With body massagers and warmers available at, you can now de-stress at home!

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Komforthealth offers an extensive range of massager and body warmer supplies needed for both professional and daily use alike. You may consider a low-tech approach to at-home massage, look for a handheld massager that you can press or roll against the body part you wish to treat. With a wide range of options to choose from, with various brands and styles available, you can be certain to find the best option for your relaxation needs. At KomfortHealth, you can find premium quality massagers and body warmers delivered to you in the next 5 days at your doorstep. The ‘free’ ground shipping option over $200 makes it the best deal of all throughout Canada! So, what are you waiting for? Get hold of the best massagers today at Komforthealth to make your routine a little less stressful!

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Ron Federson 09/05/22

I have ordered a wheelchair at very cheap rates. Their sale prices are really low. The delivered wheelchair is durable and useful.

Rahul 06/04/22

Ordering online is so simple, with on-time delivery and excellent quality.

Carry Carter 14/03/22

A special shout out and a huge thank-you to KomfortHealth & their fabulous team for their outstanding customer service again this season. They helped me find the perfect wheelchair for my mother.

Mark Anes 17/2/2022

Ordering medical supplies are never easy. With KomfortHealth, I have ordered a wheelchair for my grandpa without any hassle and received my order in 4 days.

Mark A. 15/01/2022

Received my order of traditional lift chairs yesterday from Komfort Health. It was a quick service, with competitive rates and their online process is very swift. Highly recommend them for medical supplies delivery across Canada.

Raymond E. Ryder 05/01/2022

Excellent product quality and delivery was super quick

Margaret Robinson 20/12/2021

I purchased a walker for my grandfather as well as some diapers, the website is easy to navigate and the prices are competitive. I received my products on time and without delays. Overall, it was a great experience.

Ji Li 10/11/21

Highly Recommend Komfort Health! Great customer service, very helpful and they have a wide range of Home healthcare medical supplies on website.

Edward Page 21/10/2021

A very swift and user-friendly website helped me to find my product, easy to order online. The parcel I received was accurate and as described.

Kathryn Rodriquez 02/07/21

I have ordered online and am very happy with Komfort Health home healthcare medical supplies. Got my purchase before time and customer service was fantastic.